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Construction Companies & Design Teams

EVR Consulting offers a range of tailored services to construction companies using traditional or MMC in their design and build processes.


Our services include:

  • Management of the ICT elements of builds during pre-construction and construction phases through to sign-off and handover including:

    • Participation in the design team, including liaising with other design team members, the client and the end users in order to provide guidance on the ICT elements of building designs

    • Writing the ICT sections of PITTs, ITTs and Contractor’s Proposals/Contract clauses to meet the client requirements

    • Managing the ICT small power and data elements of design in conjunction with M&E


    • Liaising with M&E, FF&E, schools and the client to deliver a seamless approach to design & build integration in new buildings and refurbishments

    • Overseeing the ICT elements of the construction phase


  • Providing active infrastructure, decant, installation, testing and project management services to those construction companies delivering PSBP and SRP schemes

  • Assisting construction companies who wish to gain a better understanding DfE or CCS ICT processes and practices both on individual schemes and at framework level

  • Providing advice and guidance on how to reduce energy use on Passivhaus and NZC projects whist providing a future-proofed and usable ICT solution that meets all the client’s functional requirements

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