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Net Zero Carbon

It’s not often we admit to being the worst offender for anything, but that’s what ICT is in terms of achieving Net Zero Carbon goals. 


Whilst items such as lighting, heating and other in-use areas can easily be supported by alternative energy sources, ICT needs some serious strategic thinking to be able to reduce energy whilst still delivering a school’s vision for how it will support teaching, learning, management and administration, without any loss in function. 


EVR Consulting has been working on some of the first school rebuilding and MMC programmes, designing and delivering low energy ICT solutions to meet the schools requirements while supporting the building contractors in the design and build of a net zero carbon in operation school. 


In addition, we’ve been leading strategic discussions with the DfE on a number of areas and advising them on how best they should approach the ICT NZC conundrum. 


This includes: 


  • Whether various elements of the ICT solution are required at all 

  • If they are, how can they be better configured to reduce energy, and 

  • How it can be better used to reduce energy 


We’ve also been influencing the DfE’s thinking around their Output Specification and how this can be more flexible to allow for innovation; there has been great progress on this and EVR are uniquely placed in understanding what the DfE would find acceptable (and what they would not!). 


We’re always happy to impart this knowledge to construction partners on school, FE or University schemes as well as use this transferable knowledge on buildings in other sectors. 


Please contact us for more information. 

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