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Loxdale Primary School

The new Loxdale Primary School at Bilston Urban Village opens.

EVR Consulting has been involved with the project since the beginning, working with Bowmer & Kirkland to deliver the purpose-built facility as part of City of Wolverhampton’s school expansion plans.

EVR Consulting worked with Bowmer & Kirkland to ensure the DfE's output specification was fully met and the school's specific ICT requirements were fully incorporated into the building design which in turn allowed the council's technology support centre to successfully deliver the active infrastructure solution.

Early engagement with the architects to design the dedicated server room, co-ordination with M&E on the provision of the cabling infrastructure and working with the FF&E team to ensure the teaching wall layout design allowed the AV to be installed providing classrooms with fantastic state of the art facilities.

Loxdale Primary School Headteacher, Patricia Scott, said:

“The children, parents, governors and staff of Loxdale Primary school are all very excited and proud to be part of such a fantastic venture, where we will continue to have the privileged opportunity to work together to shape and develop the future citizens of Bilston in a brand new, purpose-built facility. “This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity, where our school and its children will continue to grow together in this bold new chapter of Loxdale’s history.”

Source:Black Country LEP.

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